External resources on cloud computing for science

The majority of cloud computing textbooks and AWS documentations are written for web developers and system architects, NOT for domain scientists who just want to do scientific computing and data analysis. As a researcher with limited IT background, it is crucial the pick up the correct material when learning cloud computing. Here are my recommendations besides this website:

[1] University of Washington has a nice high-level overview and technical documentation about cloud computing for scientific research.

[2] Cloud Computing for Science and Engineering (Foster and Gannon 2017) is the first textbook I am aware of that provides hands-on tutorials for domain scientists. The book is free available online.

[3] Cloud Computing in Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (Vance et al. 2016) gives a nice overview of various cloud computing applications in our field. It doesn’t tell you how to actually use the cloud, though.

[4] Researcher’s Handbook by AWS is the most useful AWS material for you (as a scientist, not an IT person). You will need to sign-up the AWS Research Cloud Program to download the PDF file.